Oud Association Concludes The 12th Oud Training Course And The Workshop On Making And Decorating Oud And Its Accessories         Halim Eastern Takht Ensemble Revives Arabic Music at The Oud Association         “Oud Association” Revives Oud Making and Decoration in A Specialized Workshop         A Musical Delegation from America Learns about Association’s Experience and Entertains the Members with Unique Instruments         Oman Oud Hobbyists’ Association Participates in Dubai International Wood and Wood Machinery Show         Oud Association Participates in “Victoria and Albert” Exhibition at ROHM         Oud Association Receives William and Mary University Delegation         

Oman Oud Hobbyists’ Association of Sultan Qaboos Higher Centre for Culture and Science at The Diwan of Royal Court took part in Dubai Wood and Wood Machinery Show at UAE.  The Associations participation was represented by Mr. Yusuf Said al-Azki, Musical Instruments Maintenance Technician at the association, from 12th until 14th March, 2019.  This show is one of the only specialized shows in the Middle East for manufacturers and those interested in wood industry and machinery.  The exhibits included wood products, wood machinery, knives, blades and abrasives related to the production and formation of wood.  In addition, the exhibition included a special section for all specialized workshop supplies which are usually difficult to be found in local markets.

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